How should I sell my property? How much is it really worth? Those two questions are essential whenever you plan to sell property – and you can rely on our expert advice for the answers!

We always start from your property’s potential for development – including, for example, reconstruction assets, loft conversions, change of use, portioning potential or the division of property among heirs.
With our extensive network, we can provide the right specialists you need quickly and easily, from architects to civil engineers and independent experts. And when it comes to possible development measures, we constantly track the cost-benefit ratio to ensure you receive an objective and comprehensive evaluation of your property’s real market value – giving you the best possible basis for your decisions.

Our advisory services not only support your proposed sale to the stage of drafting the legal agreements, but to implementing the sales contract to your full satisfaction.
Our professional real estate marketing and in-depth knowledge of the market ensure that your property is sold under the optimum conditions. We know exactly what our investors require, and have worked with them successfully for years. As a result, we do not need to look for suitable purchasers – we already have them.

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